A Makeovah

Yes, I did spend my entire summer in Los Angeles. Yes, it was incredible. No, I didn't blog about it, and here's why: I BARELY HAD TIME TO EVEN EAT. Seriously, I was so busy it was unhealthy. But it was a good busy. I learned so much absolutely invaluable information. I fell in love with the city. It was amazing.

But I am back at college for my fourth and final year and it is off to an interesting start. Last spring I met a new boy (let's call him Chuck) and we started dating casually, knowing that summer was just around the corner and we didn't want to get to invested before school ended and we would be in different cities for three months. Well, we both got pretty invested and it was hard not seeing him this summer, and we also hardly spoke because I was so busy.

So, as soon as I got back I called him and we hit it off right away. It was like no time had passed. After a couple of weeks of sheer bliss I came to realize that every time he got drunk (which, in college, is obviously 3 nights out of the 7 in a week), he would turn into a 5 year old. He was immature, rude and disrespectful. I turned into a shrew, calling him out on his bad behavior when all I wanted to do was have fun and relax. His behavior was turning me into a girl I didn't recognize. I broke it off and he understood. He told me he would have done the same thing if he was me. He can't control himself when he is drunk and I am not about to ask him to make drastic lifestyle changes for me. We are not in that place at all. The ironic thing was how mature he was during the breakup.

So that is what has been new and recent with me. I will try my hardest to keep this blog up. If I disappear for a while it's not that I am doing bigger and better things, it is that I am just lazy. No worries though, I will always eventually return.

I will post later about everything in L.A. There are lots of stories to tell...


Getty72 said...

my goodness!!! Welcome back :o) It is lovely to see you here again!!! It sounds like you have been busy. I'm sorry about the Chuck situation. I haven't been too lucky in lurve over the past few months either, and am now feeling horribly 'single' again. Anywayz, I hope you are having a good time back at college and look forward to hearing all about your adventures :o)

Berowne said...

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