In my defense...

my computer totally crashed and died and has been in the repair place for 2 weeks. I am writing this little note in the small time I have on my friend's computer. I'm going through final exams right now without a computer at home and it is terrible! Wish me luck. I'll come back to you soon enough. I know, I know, you are waiting with bated breath.


Procrastination Is Your Friend

Writing my essay has proven to be boring, and thus, I blog.

Life is going well. My film project with Chad is going swimmingly. His script proves to be quite good. It's a chatty, smart comedy about a teenage boy going through a sort of identity crisis. It may sound trite but he writes it in such a way that makes it quite unique. I'm getting excited for this project. My crush on him, however, is only growing as time goes on which is bad bad news for both me and our project. I'm waiting for him to do something to seriously piss me off or for someone else to come along and distract me but after meeting him, everyone else just seems dull and dumb. I know. I'm screwed.

Brief story about Chad from this weekend actually. Him and my friend Alyssa (my future roommate) threw a small party this weekend. The second we walked in, Alyssa yelled "I'M BELLIG!!!"("bellig" n. abbr. "belligerent", extremely drunk, out of control, and hilarious.) The night was fun, yet I was not the most drunk person there at first which quickly changed once I played (and won...woot) three games of Beirut with my friend and therefore, in total, had about 10 beers in 2.5 hours. This is a lot for a girl of my stature and height.

So later on that evening I ask Chad if I may use his bathroom upstairs since the one downstairs is occupied and he obliges. When I come out of the bathroom he is standing in the hallway at the top of the stairs awkwardly with his hands in his pockets and a sort of embarrassed look on his face. This is the exchange that went down, along with my inner thoughts being shown with **.

me: oh, hey!
Chad: ooohhhh hey.
*what is chad doing chilling at the top of his stairs?*
me: do youuuu....need to use the bathroom?
Chad: oh, no no.
awkward silence....
*I'm going to take advantage of this situation*
me: Dude, I seriously love your shower curtain. A map of the world is such a bomb idea. I had no idea that Bolivia was where it was. Super educational.
Chad: oh, yeah. I love that thing.
Me: Here, let me show you something so crazy.

we go into his bathroom and I point out several things on the map that I actually genuinely find fascinating and he feigns interest and stands about 2 centimeters behind me. I can feel this kid breathing, practically.

*what is going on? Is he one of those drunk/high people that have zero depth perception and get too close? Is he trying to get closer as we gaze at this plastic map in his bathroom where Africa is blue? (p.s- I found it rather appropriate that Africa was "blue". This was one of the many things I talked to Chad about that night in the bathroom.)*

I was too drunk to remember, but somehow we ended up sitting on his bed chatting about our film, while he strummed on his guitar. Just as a refresher: Chad and I are making a movie together. He is writing the script and directing (he didn't want to direct but I am making him because it is a small project and his vision...and we don't know anyone else qualified for the job), and I am producing. Mind you, Chad says his movie is autobiographical. Also mind you, I would bone any man who can play the guitar like he can. Just sayin'.

me: Okay, here's my only concern with the script so far: We need to see the main female character, the main character's closest friend and crush, more than just once before the final scene. We need to know this girl. We need to love her as an audience before we can feel elated when they finally reunite at the end.
Long Silence...then Chad looks me right in the eyes, something he neeeeever does. He usually nervously glances around at the floor when he talks to anyone and then looks right at you when you aren't looking at him.
Chad: Yeah, I see what you mean. The audience needs to yearn for these two friends to be together so that when they finally are together they need the satisfaction that comes with it.
me: yes.
Chad: Okay...............................But I've been thinking of the end. What if the main character is too nervous around his friend to actually have anything more than friendship appear? I mean, is it suddenly out of character for the main guy to just gain courage? He is shy throughout the entire film.
Long Silence...
me: you can make it work. I have faith.
*seriously?! This conversation is something out of a movie. This is the part where you are supposed to look my in the eyes and kiss me godammit! Clearly I watch too many romantic comedies/have seen too many cheesy teen shows in my day...*
My phone then rang.
Jack (Alyssa's boyfriend): Adrienne? Are you still in the apartment? Alyssa is down here and she's puking a lot and keeps calling your name to come help her. Can you come down here?
Me: Of course.
Cue the long silence while Chad and I stare right at each other, again.
I just give him my best "you missed your chance and I dislike you for it" look and go downstairs to help my friend in need.

When I saw Chad the next night, he said "After you left I was really inspired by our conversation so I wrote 15 pages of script. I read them this morning and none of them made any sense. I guess I was too fucked up to make any good decisions last night."


Thank you for the most cryptic statement ever, Chad.

I believe that it is about a 90% chance that I am reading far too far into this whole thing, but isn't that what we do when we have crushes? Read into every little thing in hopes that it actually means something?

This project is so screwed. I am so screwed!

P.S- HAH! I am laughing so hard at that Dawson's Creek photo right now. I am resorting to images in my head like this one which clearly shows how much I've lost it. I'm a sucker for the sentimental as much as the last girl, but this is just beyond normal for me. What is wrong with me?! I'm losing my edge!

The Worst Blogger Ever Award goes too...


I know I've been MIA again. In my defense, its all because of midterms.

Fortunately, I now have tons to blog about! *golf claps*

When I am finished writing my 10 page paper tonight (which I haven't started yet), I will do a little posting love.