Yes, I am obsessed.

I saw it 5 times in theatres, and since buying it at Borders yesterday (the sales clerk said I was the very first one to buy it), have watched it twice. Yes, yes. You know what I'm talking about. The movie we all love: Juno. Aren't we all a little bit in love with this movie, though?

No particular thoughts today. Just my tiny little homage to this movie before I get off the computer. To go watch Juno again.



Aren't you thrilled? Spring is in the air which means that my workload is much lighter. Spring break is over which means I'm no longer on the road constantly (I did 4 days of road tripping from the bay area, to Santa Barbara, to San Diego, to Disneyland, and back to the bay area--amazingly fun but exhausting). Now I'm back at school and settled in and taking fewer units for the purpose of actually enjoying myself this spring quarter.

In other news...my film project with that Chad guy has come to a screeching halt temporarily because he cannot seem to finish the script. He has struggled with the ending for a good 4 weeks now. We'll get there. We will. Also, my huge crush on Chad has completely disappeared. Just, *bam*, gone. I can't figure out why, but I'm not complaining! I have come out of a crush situation completely unscathed with a friendship still intact. I think this is what they call maturity! Go me.

And now for my rant of the day: catcalling. I mean, really guys. It happens to me in the small cowtown I go to school in, it happens to me in big cities, it happens in Europe, I mean where DOESN'T it happen? And what is the goal of these catcallers? Are they thinking I will run after their moving vehicle and say "hey baby! Give me a ride!! " No. If a girl does that, she is most likely a prostitute and in that case you did not need the catcall in the first place because she would have come up to your car anyway. Do they think all girls are flattered by this? Because we aren't. We are embarrassed and we feel objectified. And yes, all girls feel this way. Just ask one of them. So I guess that these catcallers are trying, on purpose, to objectify women. Well, thanks. You are going about it in a very humiliating and public way. Please stop. Your lime green mustang does not turn me on, nor does your blatant disrespect for women.